Made in Germany with Nora Cushioning

Made in Germany with nora®  Cushioning

Low Profile Cleat Specific Orthotic

Low Profile Cleat Specific Orthotic

Sports Injury Protection

Sports Injury Protection

Enhanced Arch Support for Better Comfort

Enhanced Arch Support for Better Foot Contact

Our German engineered soccer inserts greatly improve the structure of soccer cleats. They offer better ankle stability, improve body balance and protection against multiple sports injuries.  Designed in Germany with nora® cushioning, they are turf, Futsal and European league approved. 

TFS Soccer Insoles Recalibrate your Cleats Feet and Foundation Affect your Soccer Performance

Your Feet & Foundation Affect Your Soccer Performance

TFS soccer insoles have been tested and proven to increase peak acceleration by +9.3%, making them the best soccer insoles you can buy.The carbon fiber baseplate is slim & lightweight to fit easily in all soccer cleats. TFS Soccer give you more bounce, helping you keep your legs fresh the whole match. nora® cushioning provides comfort and additional shock absorption.Believing in a Better GameAt TFS Athletics we want kids to excel in sports and love the simple pursuit of play. One of the most important ways to promote this is to reduce the number of kids being sidelined from sports-related injuries. We have worked with professionals in materials and design to offer products that are safe and effective in reducing injuries. Our easy-to-use tools to help parents, coaches and young athletes understand common sports injuries and how to prevent them.Soccer is an extremely athletically-taxing sport. It combines endurance and speed with bodily contact, quick movements, and intricate foot skills. In a typical 90-minute match, a player can run up to 7 miles. There is a change of speed every 5 to 6 seconds.With the stress these movements put on legs and feet, injuries are common among soccer players.

Upgrade Your Game

No athlete needs to take better care of their feet than soccer players. TFS Soccer insoles are the only sports insole on the market to provide heel-to-toe protection and stabilization to help reduce injuries like turf toe, plantar fasciitis, sever’s heel pain and ankle sprains.

German Engineering Components Upgrade your Game athlete protection injury prevention
TFS Soccer Made in Germany Based on 115 years of biomechanics footwear experience Elevate your Game Prevent Sports Injury

Engineered & Made in GermanySince 1902, the factory that we use has been focused on deveoping technology to limit pronation while allowing the foot to flex naturally. Our German engineered insoles are the best because:• It takes 2 hours to make the tfs insole from beginning to finished product (Compared to an avg. of 5 minutes with cheaply made products in mass produced factories)• Medical-grade materials provide firm support without the high cost of most custom orthotics.• All steps involved in make the tfs insole require skilled orthotist to create the quality, durability and shape that makes tfs insoles different from other mass produced manufacturing processes.• Deep heel cups to boost your foot’s natural cushioning ability• Our insole shape and fit is specifically crafted for soccer cleats.• Exclusive Nora®, cushioning foam top cover provides comfort and excellent shock absorption, which will not lose more than 5% of its thickness for the life of the insole.• Our engineered insoles are backed by a 6 mo. guarantee.• Exclusive NORA® cushioning foam top cover provides comfort and excellent shock absorption, which will not lose more than 5% of its thickness for the life of the insole



More than 46.5 million children participate in sports each year in the United States. 1 in 3 kids who play a team sport are injured seriously enough to miss practice or games. Girls are up to 8x more likely to have an ACL injury than boys. Most organized sports-related injuries (62%) occur during practice rather than in games. The most common types of sports related injuries among youth are sprains, muscle strains, bone or growth plate injuries, repetitive motion injuries and heat-related illness

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What our Athletes are saying

What our Athletes are Saying Soccer Brookside Soccer Club Insoles Cleats

I’ve started using TFS Soccer insoles both to play Indoor Soccer on my weekends, as well as to coach my teams throughout the week. The product is absolutely great. It gives the support my feet need to distribute my weight equally all around the sole of my feet. Also, I know some of my players are also loving it, as they say it has been “improving their game. Many thanks to Eric and all the TFS Soccer Team! 

- Tato Chiaparro
Brookside Soccer Club Director of Coaching Education & Youth Development UMKC - Former Assistant Coach Kaw Valley FC - Former Assistant Coach

For me, the biggest difference wearing my TFS insoles is the level of comfort. Usually after practice I’m in a rush to take my shoes off. Not anymore. I can definitely tell that there is something supporting my joints. I have had them since November and have worn them in 10 games and at every practice, and I still feel the same level of comfort. The regular insole the shoes come with wear out after a couple of weeks. TFS insoles are something definitely worth investing in for all athletes in general.

- James Togbah KC Comets

What our Athletes are Saying Soccer KC Comets James Togbah Insoles Cleats
National Futsal Runner UP Toca FC 2001 MLS Boys Toca FC TFS Soccer Engineered Insoles