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Customer testimonial

Don’t put up with the pain. I did for a year, and it went away in 6 weeks with the custom inserts.
-Pam, Lenexa, KS

My knees were hurting when I ran and the custom inserts have helped me get back to running!
-Laura, Overland Park, KS

My bunion affected the shoes I wore and was becoming painful. The custom inserts immediately alleviated the pair, and I was amazed to see my toes shift to a more normal position overtime. Thank you for making my feet feel freat again!
-Jana, Kansas City, MO

Picking up my custom inserts was the best day of my life…for my feet! I cannot thank The Foot Spot enough for taking my pain away.
-Darren, Kansas City, MO

I recently took a 2 week trip to Italy. I was worried beforehand, because I knew I would be spending most of my time on my feet. My feet never hurt once with my custom inserts. Thank you!
-Christine, Holt, MO

Customer testimonial

The custom inserts aligned my feet, ankles, legs and hips causing pain to disappear completely. Also, my shoes last longer. A double bonus!
-Ted, Leawood, KS

My feet rarely hurt anymore. My new custom inserts ended a 3 year reign of foot pain terror!
-Sydney, Overland Park, KS

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